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Our bilingual website lists most gigs and music festivals happening around the country, and has a shitload of interviews, photos and reviews of both local and touring bands. We are also among the first to announce when international bands are coming to Taiwan.

Who created it?

Steve Leggat began in late 2008 as a weekend project by web designer/developer Steve Leggat with the single goal of promoting underground and independent bands, gigs and music festivals in Taiwan. Tens of thousands of hours have been put into since, by Steve, and the growing number of contributors.

Visitors to are mostly Taiwanese (>70%), but we have always felt it important to provide information in both Chinese and English, not only to include locals and ex-pats living in Taiwan, but also to let the world know what a lively music scene we have here.

Regular contributors

A big thanks to these awesome contributors - Floaty, Ian Kuo, Alex Lee, Shawn Carson, Wynn Wan, HsiaoYa Lin, Kevin MacKey, Lars Berry, Don Quan, Eli Kao, Yenwen Fang, Jeff Curran, Emily Cheng and many more...

Current Stats

  • Gigs Listed: 8867 (0 Upcoming)
  • Articles: 264 (76 Gig Reviews / 54 Photosets / 47 CD Reviews / 63 Interviews / 24 Other)
  • Photos Posted: 2504
  • Online since: 2008/12/24 (4180 days ago)


I seriously love working on and I think (hope) we are making a difference in spreading the love about Taiwan’s great music scene, and I hope I can continue doing this for years to come. That said, maintaining the website, managing contributions, writing articles, taking photos and everything else that goes into is a full-time job. In order for me to continue to keep the website as independent and ad-free as I can, I ask that if you find to be useful, please feel free to contribute in any ways you can.

- Steve Leggat

What you can do to help

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