Why Advertise on is Taiwan's leading website for live music events and bands in both Chinese and English. We're run by music fans and are totally independent, meaning we don't receive money from companies or the government. To help pay our writers, translators and upkeep of the site we are accepting some banner advertising on Statistics
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Banner ads are available on both the Homepage and Gig Details Page


728 x 90 - NT$500/week (max. 1 per page at a time)
940 x 200 Header - NT$2000/week (max. 1 per page at a time)
570 x 390 - NT$1000/week (max. 3 per page at a time)

Gig Details Page (High Traffic)

728 x 90 - NT$800/week (max. 1 per page at a time)
940 x 200 Header - NT$2000/week (max. 1 per page at a time)

Banners can link to pages within or an external site.
Banner pricing is per single page (e.g. Homepage, Gig Details Page etc).

Banners formats: JPG/GIF (GIF animation is fine) only. If you want to use Flash then contact us for additional pricing.


Ticket-giveaways and competitions (like we did for Gui Boratto, Testament, Fucked Up & Gallows, Cradle of Filth etc.) are a great way to promote your gig or venue.


Placement of banners may vary depending on the content and page-layout. If you're unhappy with the placement of your banner, just email me and I'll do my best to rectify it.

GigGuide favours advertising that is music related and reserves the right to disallow adverts it sees as inappropriate (or in some cases, ugly).

Placement is exclusive (not shared/rotated), unless requested.

All prices listed in New Taiwan Dollars (NT$).
Payment is required in advance via ATM transfer unless organized prior.

Design Services

I can also design banners, posters and websites. Visit my design website for banner design work -


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Gig Details Page (High Traffic)