Mei (vocals/guitar) and Xiao Bao (bass) went on the perform in the epic all-star band, Fish & the Bedroom Riot, while Huang Wan Ting (guitar) kept busy with Tin Pan Alley and Varo. Eli (drums) relocated to Australia.

But here they are again, 15 years later, for one last blast, this Friday at Legacy and then Saturday they’ll each DJ at the annual Halloween party at Underworld.

Although the band is quick to dismiss their significance, this reunion show is a special event not to be missed.

It’s been 15 years and now you’re back together for one last show. Ladybug has been praised & credited by fans & other musicians for being an important influence, both personally and for the Taiwanese music scene.
What are your thoughts on your history and what you’ve created? Are you ever surprised by your legacy?

Mei: I don’t think Ladybug had a significant impact on the Taiwan indie scene. It’s because us and 廢五金 (Scrap Metal) were the only two all-girl bands at that time. Rare things are precious, so we were lucky and easily discovered. We’re lucky ladybug!
Xiao Bao: When I look back at Ladybug’s songs, some are violent, some sucked, but some remain really great. To be honest, the basslines I wrote were really weird at that time. I don’t think we really influenced anything.
Wan Ting: I don’t think we’ve actually influenced anyone or anything at all!!
Eli: I like Ladybug and our own music. It’s honest, young and special. It’s fairly boastful of me to say so, but I really think that. As to who we’ve influenced, those of us in the indie scene at that time were creating and influencing each other, and we feel very honored to have done so.

Can you share any highlights or favorite moments from your Ladybug experience?

Mei: My friendship with Xiao Bao. That can’t be replaced by anyone else.
Xiao Bao: Touring the U.S. is something unforgettable.
Wang Ting: They will always be my family and best friends.
Eli: Creating music and having fun together.

If you could have done anything differently, would would it be?

Mei: I want to be gay.
Xiao Bao: I want to be a sailor or a pirate.
Wang Ting: Nothing, I think the precious time we had together was perfect.
Eli: Too many things, and life's too short.

What are your current projects?

Mei: Ladybug? No…
Xiao Bao: Ladybug doesn’t have any plans or management. Personal projects, I Copy You You Copy Me (band with Mei), and raising 袁小彬 (her son).
Wan Ting: TECHNO!
Eli: A band called The Fun Da Mental People. I’m playing guitar ;)

What can we expect from your show at Legacy?

Mei: Back to the past.
Xiao Bao: Happy reunion time.
Wan Ting: It’s our last show.
Eli: Ladybug once again!

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