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Drummer Logan Kroeber took some time to share his thoughts on achieving musical dreams, fantasy rock n' roll boot camp with Prince, Taipei's world-famous dumplings and more!

The Dodos

How’s 2013 treating the Dodos so far? You’ve toured Europe with Calexico, recently signed with a new record label (Polyvinyl) and finished work on a new album. How’s life feeling these days?
Life is good. We've set into motion a lot of changes recently and I can see the bend in the road up ahead, but I have no idea what is on the other side. The suspense is killing me.

You guys started playing together as a duo in San Francisco in 2006. Was there a moment when you realized that playing music for a living wasn’t just a dream, but could be your everyday reality?
Back in 2008 Meric and I were heading out to SXSW with our friend Joe. We had headlining shows lined up and good press for our album which was being put out by a proper label. While we were still in California we struck up a conversation about how the band could end after that tour and we would have already realized our dreams. Luckily we weren't satisfied and we continued to push onward to new things, and people seemed to want to hear more. So I guess that was the turning point.

Was there any special significance in naming the band after an extinct, flightless bird?
I thought there used to be, but I just work here man.

You’re playing 8 shows in 5 countries in 9 days on your first Asian tour. Which countries and places are you most excited to visit? Will you have any time to experience Taipei?
Every city is new to me so I can't pick favorites yet. But my girlfriend showed me a Taipei city guide written by fashion designer Jason Wu that got me very excited to visit there and try some world famous soup dumplings.

Although being well-known in indie music circles, many Taipei music fans may not be as familiar with the Dodos yet. What can they expect from a Dodos show?
We like to play energetic, rhythmic songs and we react strongly to the energy coming from the crowd. So if they come to have some fun we will respond in kind.

When you’re not playing shows, how do you spend your downtime and travel time on tour? What are you reading and listening to these days?
I've been making stupid little songs with a synthesizer program on my phone and reading "classic" books that I've never read before, like Dubliners. It's pretty depressing though. At home I've been reading a lot of non fiction about life in rural America, a little more inspiring stuff. Been listening to George Jones lately, in particular a live version of Where Does A Little Tear Come From. Also the new Deerhunter.

In early 2012, the music world lost the talents of ‘Women’ guitarist, Christopher Reimer, who passed away. He had spent some time touring with your band in 2011. Can you talk about the experience of working with him?
From the very first practice he was impressive musically. Very fast learner and a great guitar tone. But after he had all that stuff figured out, it was just great to have him in the mix every day. He was super funny when times were light and very calm and patient when things were stressful. We were lucky to get to play with him and I encourage everybody to check out all the awesome music he left behind.

Neko Case contributed some vocals to your last album, ‘No Color’. Do you guys have any other collaborations in the works? Who else is on your wishlist of musicians to work with?
Nothing like that in the works just yet, but I do often think about how if you can just get the courage to ask somebody they'll probably say yes. I personally would want to make a record with Prince because it would be like musicians boot camp. He'd whip your ass into shape!

Are Dodos playing as a 2-piece these days? A promo video for your upcoming album seemed to suggest that a fuller, more electric sound for the band may be on the way. What kind of musical direction is the band going in?
We definitely like having the option to bust into some rocked out sounds, but we're not trying to over do it. There's a bunch of new stuff that is going in an energetic acoustic direction again.

Will you guys be roadtesting any of the new songs on this tour?
We'll be playing stuff from the upcoming record for sure, but there's some new new songs that we've been working on that I don't think are quite ready for the stage.

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Kevin MacKey is a self-professed music junkie transplant from the Great White Canadian North. An avid cyclist, guitar slinger and amateur writer (but semi-professional loafer), he's always up for a good show whenever rock n' roll duty calls!

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