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To some people who don’t know Blood Red Shoes, can you describe what kind of band you are and what we can expect from your live show?

We are a two piece Rock n roll band. Live you can expect LOUD drums and LOUD guitar that will make your ears bleed. We are not a band to be standing still to, we like to get the crowd moving.

You released your new EP 'Water’ this January and I'm wondering why you chose to release a vinyl LP and MP3 download, and not a CD?

We didn't make a CD version because CDs are dying out especially if it's not a full album. People tend to download music now but if they want to own a physical record then vinyl is usually the choice to music lovers because it's a really nice item to own. It's not throw away like a CD, it's something you can keep forever and admire. We have always wanted to release a 10inch record and as it's only 3 songs on the EP this was the perfect time to make one.

Did you have any special experiences during the process of making that EP?

We recorded it in Dallas at the end of a month tour in the States in about 3 days. I had actually become kinda ill with sinus problems and I couldn't hear out of my ears properly! so singing was kinda hard. We really enjoyed making it as it was a very different approach to our last album! Really fast and in the moment. We ate BBQ food in this amazing smoke-house everyday and I think I put on a stone in weight in 3 days.

How do you write songs since you two have been touring around all the time? Do you write most of songs together?

We find time to write songs in between our touring. On occasion we might jam something in soundcheck and then later turn it into a song when we get home. It's hard writing on the road for us because we spend most of the day in our van driving. When we get to venues there isn't usually a great deal of time to do any writing, it's often a tight schedule. If we had a tour bus which we slept on and turned up at the venue early with more than one small dressing room, then I am sure we could write and even record stuff on the road, but we are not in that situation just yet. It seems silly us being on a big tour bus when there are only two in the band, and 3 crew members.
But we do alright considering we tour so much, it just means our down time is writing time…but we are Rock n Roll addicts so that's not a problem for us.
We write everything together, we jam out and find the music and maybe a melody here and there, lyrics are usually written later. We don't have a code on who sings or writes what lyrics…we just go with what feels right.

Which band(s) or musician(s) have inspired you the most?

As a band we have many inspirations…it's hard to just pinpoint down one artist. But if i had to I think the Artist that we both agree on the most as a band inspiration is probably PJ Harvey, although I am not sure how much you can hear that in our music …but everything about her approach and forward thinking is as inspiring to us as her music is.

How do you feel about being on the road all the time? What are your worst and best experiences of that?

I used to find it hard but weirdly being on tour has now become the absolute normality for me that I often find being at home harder these days. Some of the best experiences in my life have been on the road, seeing the world….I would have never been to half the places I have been to if it wasn't for Blood Red Shoes…
Taiwan is another one i will be able to experience for the first time.
Traveling in a van when you're hungover can be pretty bad ha ha, and I guess lack of personal space can get you pretty frustrated at times. As a woman I crave female company a bit, it can get sometimes hard to always be around men but it's not really that bad. I guess little things can become huge things on tour…it's a weird way to live when you think about it! But you know I wouldn't change it for a thing really! i am gonna have some amazing stories to tell when I am old.

Do you have any interesting stories from when you toured with The Joy Formidable earlier this year?

Touring with The Joy Formidable was great! We both had such a great time. I think the interesting thing that happened for me was watching Ritzy perform every night, she really inspired me. I guess before we got on that tour I was feeling a little bit down about my ability to play…(sometimes that just happens! musicians are all freaks so we get all this self doubt and annoying obsessions and stuff!) and seeing her just go for it every night, being unapologetic about what she was doing, who she is, was just a massive inspiration to see and made me remember what it is to be in this two piece band that started where we both couldn't even play our instruments! how we have learnt together and how the best shows are when we both lock in together like it's us against the world. Since playing with The Joy Formidable it's like I have found my way back home again and it's a great feeling. I can't wait to get back on the road again.

What were you thoughts when you found out you will be playing in Taiwan?

We thought it was AWESOME!! not many bands I know have ever played in Taiwan. We love going to new places and discovering new audiences, we are so excited and feel privileged to be asked to come play.

What plans do you have for the near future?

New album! and its gonna blow your minds and heads off.

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