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Ken South Rock

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That’s the explosive power of Brooklyn’s KSR. So imagine our excitement here at the office when we learned Adam (drums/vocals) and Ken (guitar/vocals) will be coming back for Beastie Rock at the end of September!
Floaty popped by their place this summer and hit ‘em up with a baker’s dozen of extremely pressing questions, covering topics like time travel, food, and their new album, Break The Walls.

You are coming back to Taiwan! I know you’ve made a huge impression on people here. How has Taiwan impressed you?

Adam: Taiwan's underground/indie music scene has really impressed us. We have played with some amazing bands. The music scene feels very communal and open. It’s very refreshing for our souls. Everything about Taiwan inspires us.

You’ll play Beastie Rock again! What do you like about the festival?

Adam: What we love about Beastie Rock Festival is the positive attitude from the staff of the festival and all people who attend. Beastie Rock Festival is all about the music and having a good time. 

Will you be doing more shows around the island/Asia?

Adam: We have a month long tour in Japan starting on September 5th in Tokyo.

How do you like touring? How do you occupy your time when you’re not on the road?

Adam:  Touring is my life. I think it’s the only way I can live. The world is huge and I want to see everything.  I hope to do it forever.
When I am not on tour I like to record music and skateboard.

Ken: Of course I love to tour because it is my life. I must follow my life.
When I am not on tour I'm just drunk! Haha! I always play music and shows in NYC. I play solo at open-mikes.

One of the unique pleasures of watching you play live is your set-up on stage, in which you both face one other and maintain a LOT of eye contact throughout each song. That intimacy/connection obviously drives your music. I’m wondering, how much improvisation is happening in a live KSR gig?

Adam: There is some improvisation in our set at all our gigs. We like to make each show a little different, It makes the songs feel new and fresh every show. Spontaneity is a important part of our music and life. 

You’ve got a new album. I see it will be available on iTunes, but can people buy it straight from you when you’re back in town? And you decided to record it analog - what led to that decision? And what other juicy secrets can you divulge?

Adam: We have a new 4 song EP out now on iTunes and (we’ll have) CDs at our live shows.

The EP was recorded at Excello Studio in Brooklyn and was mixed and mastered on analog tape. The process of recording analog is very similar to a live performance. You have to really focus and go for the ride. Once you hit the record button there is no turning back. If you want to edit you have to physically cut the tape and paste it back together. It’s very exciting!
The engineer thought it was a good idea for Ken to plug his guitar into 5 vintage amps and play through all of them at the same time for the recording. We recorded and mixed everything in 3 days with 3 bottles of whiskey. It was a great time making the EP.

Your Facebook page lists your influences as: “the sea God, the mountain God, and forest God. but mostly food.” Can you elaborate more about the food part?

Adam: Food is our language. Music is food. We love sushi and raw food. We make raw music. Spicy food also tastes so good!! So we make spicy music. 

How long have you lived in Brooklyn? Your loft there is very open and the vibe is very free... How has Brooklyn shaped you as people and artists?

Adam: We have lived in Brooklyn together for 2 years. I have lived in Brooklyn for 9 years. In Brooklyn we can sleep in the sky and ride skateboards inside. We turn the loft into a venue and have shows sometimes. We can practice music all night. The noise of police sirens, trains, people screaming, and the many other crazy sounds are the soundtrack to our life. It makes our music loud and aggressive. You have to scream to be heard in NYC. You can hear the sounds of Brooklyn in all of our songs. 

Now for the hard questions... If there were a spin-off of those popular Dancing with the Stars type of programs called Slam-Dancing with the Stars, who would you choose as your partner? Why?
A. Iggy Pop
B. Henry Rollins
C. Joan Jett
D. Karen O

Adam: Karen O and Joan Jett would kick our ass. They have too many powers. We are afraid of them. We have already challenged Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins in the past to a Slam-Dance Battle but we never got a answer.  We think they are afraid of us.

If you could play/jam with any one of these musicians, who and why?
A. Angus Young
B. Miles Davis
C. Keith Richards
D. Bootsie Collins

Adam: Bootsie Collins! That shit would be funky! That guy is fly! I wish! 

Rock star advice: Best alcohol for shots? Best cure for hangovers?

Adam: Bourbon for shoots and Pocari Sweat for hangovers. 

If you could time travel to any time/place in the last 100 years, when/where you would choose?

Adam: We would time travel to the moon in the year of 1969, the same day the USA landed on it, and surprise everyone with a live space show and claim to be aliens from a rock&roll galaxy!

And...back to Taiwan, any special plans this time around? Any message or words of wisdom for us back here?

Adam: Let’s explode together and be free! Please feel our energy! Don't think about anything!  Life is too crazy and serious sometimes so we must all dance and forget together!  
We have a great tour throughout the country listed on our website. We are really excited to see all of our friends again! 

Break Down The Walls - Taiwan Tour 2013
29 Sep 2013 (Sun) @ Beastie Rock Festival Taipei
3 Oct 2013 (Fri) @ Rocks Kaohsiung
4 Oct 2013 (Fri) @ TCRC Tainan
5 Oct 2013 (Sat) @ The Wall Gongguan Taipei
6 Oct 2013 (Sun) @ Revolver

Ken South Rock

Photo(s) by Steve Leggat - © 2008-2014

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