Photo(s) by Emily Cheng - © 2008-2014

I caught up with Suuns’ bassist/keyboardist Max Henry and had him answer a few questions for GigGuide readers.

What have Suuns been doing recently?
We've been preparing for an upcoming show at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art.

Why did you choose the name Suuns?
It's a gibberish word. We used to be named Zeroes.

What inspires you most to create music?
I'm inspired by the psychological impact of sound - a musician with a P.A. has command of an incredibly powerful tool - like the man behind the curtains in the Wizard of Oz.

What kinds of feelings do you want your live performances to give to people?
Occasional fear, hypnosis... hunger? Whimsy?

I personally love “Pie IX” and this music video. Can you tell us what this song is about?
Pie IX is an area of Montreal. That's where our iconic Olympic Stadium is. "Pie IX" is Pope Pius the Ninth.

I really like the Images Du Futur album cover design. Who did that artwork?
A wonderful artist from North Carolina named Scott Hazard. Our man Joseph Yarmush took the photo of our beautiful friend Taylor Tower.

You just played in Taipei this August. Did you have chance to explore the city, and did you have any interesting experiences there?
We didn't have nearly enough time to explore. But it's weird being the only white guy.

Does Suuns have any grand plan for the future?
Business as usual... definitely a third album on the horizon.

What do you want to say to your fans in Taiwan?
We had a blast in your beautiful country - I can not wait to go back.


Photo(s) by Emily Cheng - © 2008-2014

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