Lily et Coco - If We Can Dance EP

by Jeff Curran

This three-song EP from Taipei's Lily et Coco was quite interesting to listen to. The first two songs sound a lot like old 8-bit Nintendo game soundtracks, but with some really beautiful harmonies thrown in. The keyboard player and the guitar player have a pretty good idea about how to complement each other simply, and without overachieving. I would play the first two songs if I was cleaning the house or walking aimlessly through the woods near my home, perhaps on my way to kill a neighbor, or steal a chainsaw to sell for meth. They're good if you need to concentrate on other things.

The third song is absolutely great. Very pretty keyboard sounds, again complementing a pretty guitar. It has an inspiring "We are the Champions" feel to the middle of it, which could possibly make me reconsider murder or theft. I like the upbeat happiness to this song.

This album is short, so I wouldn't buy it for anything more than 100NT, but their live show can be pretty fun. I've seen them a few times, and they always entertain.

Jeff Curran is a veteran of the Taiwan music scene, having paid his dues, and then some, as guitarist in The Deported, as well as numerous other bands (Abandoned Machines, Auto De Fe, The Freeloaders, etc.) He's punk as fuck, but sweet in the heart. He'll speak his mind, and then he'll buy you some popcorn.

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