My Skin Against Your Skin - Jealous Love + Dirty Babe EP

by Floaty

This 2 song release by My Skin Against Your Skin is like one of those small servings at great restaurant - you see 2 songs on your plate and think, "Only 2?? How is THIS gonna satisfy me?"

My Skin Against Your Skin, MSAYS

Then you bite in, and it's so rich and full, so enjoyable that you only care about what's going on inside of you.

Starting slow, Jealous Lover's flavor unleashes itself in layers, bursting as the chorus arrives, triggered by vocalist Andrea's declaration: I love you!

And my senses reply, "I love you, too!!"

Another bite, another burst. Then a secret spice sneaks in, redirecting how the subtleties intoxicate you. As 大野狼's drums propel the song to its conclusion, I think to myself, "My god, that was loaded!"

MSAYS' line between restraint and release is thin but resilient. I've written before at how the band excels at this tension, and Jealous Lover is Exhibit A of this precise type of play. Mmmmm.

Exhibit B features Michii's anxious guitars - bending, breaking, twisting - crashing into A-Lu's thick bass. Andrea's vocals gasp and yearn atop drum fills... Dirty Babe is a loud rocker - driving and large. Yum, yum, yum.

...And on that lucky day when a full-length MSAYS album comes out, I aim to be first in line to feast, ravenous & drooling, buoyed by the promise of these 2 delectable songs.

2 songs. Damn, that hit the spot.

My Skin Against Your Skin, MSAYSMy Skin Against Your Skin, MSAYS

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