Selfish Sucker - The Sucker Generation Class War

by Jeff Curran

We are lucky to have Selfish Sucker. Their loud, aggressive, violent assault is most welcome indeed.

When I was younger, the punk scene spawned many diverse subgenres. They were so distinct from each other, that you would have thought a lack of cohesiveness to be eminent. We were all punks, but we each wore it a little bit differently.

All punk classes welcomed anyone. Whether you were happily dancing in unison at a Mr. T Experience (pop-punk charmers) show, or getting your teeth kicked in at Poison Idea, we were all in this shit together.

Selfish Sucker

Selfish Sucker lies at the latter end of the punk-rock spectrum. They’re the ones who hop on the cars of freight trains to towns far away to catch a D.O.A. or Discharge disaster-show. The drinkers of the group drink large amounts of alcohol – usually from cardboard boxes. A few might even have bicycle locks, dangling off of their ripped, camouflaged pants, covered with Conflict and Subhuman patches. They look dangerous. They are some of the nicest, most welcoming of all the subgenres.

This album, their first full-length, captures all there is to know about punk-rock music. The vocals are angry, throaty, and a little Colin Jerwood (Conflict) sounding, which amazes me. The music is heavily influenced by the Anarcho-Punk bands of the eighties, with the solo off of “Full Ahead” sounding like it could easily be on a Rudimentary Peni record. This album made me revisit a lot of really cool albums I haven’t listened to in a long while; Nausea, Caustic Christ, Capitalist Casualties, have all been on constant rotation since I have started this review. With excellent production, and ear-splitting violence, this is now my all time favorite thing about Taiwan.

They’re not fucking around.

This isn’t generic. Although, you could definitely say this style has been done before, there is something special going on here. They’re not fucking around. There’s more passion and driving aggressiveness than I have seen in recent memory.

I love Selfish Sucker.

If you like punk rock music, especially hardcore, ala Discharge/Conflict, then buy this album.

Selfish SuckerSelfish Sucker

If you're having trouble finding this CD then try Splinter Records.

Jeff Curran is a veteran of the Taiwan music scene, having paid his dues, and then some, as guitarist in The Deported, as well as numerous other bands (Abandoned Machines, Auto De Fe, The Freeloaders, etc.) He's punk as fuck, but sweet in the heart. He'll speak his mind, and then he'll buy you some popcorn.

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