88 Balaz - Man Is Worse Than An Animal When He Is An Animal

by Jeff Curran

88 Balaz (aka 88 Guava Seeds) have been around for a long time. Every time I have seen them play, there have been large audiences of all types, drunkenly dancing along to their set of unique, Taiwan-flavored rock and roll songs. They're a fun band, and as far back as I can remember, I have never been less than entertained from watching them play.

This album really is no different. In fact, while the music was playing, I could easily picture myself front and center at an 88 Balaz show, soaked in beer, bruises all over my body, and a big smile on my face. As soon as the album was finished, I went back to song one, and started all over again.

It's not easy to compare this band with other bands, so I won't attempt to do so. They certainly have something that no one else does, and maybe it's just as simple as it being rock and roll music, and they do a very excellent job of playing that particular kind of music. Anybody can pick up an instrument and learn how to play rock music, but only a few can use that knowledge to really please and entertain their audience. 88 Balaz are wizards in this sense.

If rock music is your thing, definitely pick up this album. You'll play it over and over again, and you'll make sure you never miss out on one of the best shows going on in Taipei today.

88 Balaz88 Balaz88 Balaz

Jeff Curran is a veteran of the Taiwan music scene, having paid his dues, and then some, as guitarist in The Deported, as well as numerous other bands (Abandoned Machines, Auto De Fe, The Freeloaders, etc.) He's punk as fuck, but sweet in the heart. He'll speak his mind, and then he'll buy you some popcorn.

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