Jez & Leeroy, owners of Revolver


Revolver's One Year Anniversary Week Celebrations

2011/12/14 My Skin Against Your Skin + Forests
2011/12/15 The Okay Cars + Heartones + Para-box
2011/12/16 Roxymoron + Hotpink + Nintendo Generation Blues / DJs James Ho + DJ Subtle + Robin Lai
2011/12/17 Funky Brothers + Marcus Aurelius + Robi Roka + Paul SSS

Jez: Let's have it…
Leeroy: Revolver… Revolver… we've shortened it to just vulva

How did you choose the name Revolver?
Jez: Revolver is my favourite Beatles album and when I said it, we were both like..
Leeroy: actually, I think Revolver's mine too

What makes Revolver special?
Leeroy: I think the energy, it's different innit? The bar, the 3 floors, definitely you can have different things going on in the same night. The downstairs bar really has our flavour in it, our artwork, music, the shit we like, everyone kinda gets into that then you step up into the 2nd floor and you've got a totally different vibe going on, and 3rd floor again. So, is physically the right word? The building itself is kinda different aesthetically, there's no other sort of bar like it and that probably adds a lot to the flavour of it, and then just our input. Jez is an amazing musician, you see he takes care of the music side of it, I love my artwork so we're always trying to do something artistic.

What styles of music do you play at Revolver?
Jez: We both like different things, but we also appreciate what a good band is and I think that's from exposure to a lot of music anyway. We usually like the bands that are more underground here which maybe doesn't make you as much money as a big band, but it's keeping it real and honest which is important as well, and then it's just great having bands that just do funk and soul covers or their own take on bands, then everyone's dancing and having a great night anyway. And the music we play in the bar downstairs can be anything from Elvis to Cannibal Corpse, the Deftones, with everything in between. We probably like more older music, 60s, 70s and 80s. All sorts of rock n' roll, great soul and great funk. But usually Lady Gaga and Coldplay, no. No no no no no! But he likes Coldplay. I like Bob Dylan.
Leeroy: I hate Bob Dylan.
Jez: And Linkin Park gets no joy here. That's evil. It should be stopped.

What do you think about Taiwan indie music?
Jez: There's a lot of talent here and it takes quite a lot of time to find that, but I think we've helped a lot in giving another alternative live venue to Taipei, and we do get a lot of foreign customers and I think with that it has helped, whether people like that or not, or they want it, again it's raising the profile of music in Taiwan. If you asked me what a Taiwanese band was when I lived in England I'd be like, wouldn't have a clue, but now we know most of the bands, and they're very respectful, very cool and very talented. And proud of it.

Jez: And everyone check out

Music: Bomb of Love by Sunset Rollercoaster
Directed and Edited by Toto Kuo

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