Wayne Is So Sad - I Love You

by Jeff Curran

Wayne Is So Sad is a high-energy, fast-paced, and punk-rock-as-fuck five-piece punk band from Taipei, Taiwan. It features Andy as the lead singer, King Kong and Wayne on guitars, Ah Zhu on bass, and Lao Wai on drums. They formed over two years ago with Andy playing guitar and no Wayne. Wayne hates the name of the band.

This album is quick and to the point: Exactly how punk rock records should be. Nine fast songs - which will either have you wanting to throw things, or drink yourself to death - take you on a fun, short ride through principal songwriter, Andy's, angry, booze-fueled and often hilarious take on all things life, love and punk rock. Song number ten is an acoustic number which brings the listener back to boring reality, where people have to work themselves silly, and probably not drink as much as they'd like to. Without song ten, I would have said goodbye to all of my responsibilities and moved myself into the nearest gutter. I'm quite happy they included it.

The production on this album is great, and it marks the third release for Taipei's Chngin Records. It was mastered by legendary punk rock super-engineer, Mass Giorgini (Screeching Weasel, Alkaline Trio, The Queers, Anti Flag and many, many more), at Sonic Iguana in Lafayette, U.S.A.

There's nothing quite like this in our small, underground scene here in Taiwan, so pick this one up if you get a chance. Wayne's So Sad are the only group I know who's offering up 4/4, smash-shit-up punk, so pay attention and buy their shit, dummies.

Wayne Is So SadWayne Is So SadWayne Is So Sad

If you're having trouble finding this CD then try Splinter Records.

Jeff Curran is a veteran of the Taiwan music scene, having paid his dues, and then some, as guitarist in The Deported, as well as numerous other bands (Abandoned Machines, Auto De Fe, The Freeloaders, etc.) He's punk as fuck, but sweet in the heart. He'll speak his mind, and then he'll buy you some popcorn.

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