Bombay Bicycle Club


Introductions please…

Suren: Hey how's it going? We're Bombay Bicycle Club, I'm Suren...

Jamie: and I'm Jamie, and we're here in lovely Taipei. We're just about to get on a plane to Indonesia but we've had an amazing time, and hopefully we'll be back. Taipei's been one of the best crowds we've played to, so we've loved it.

Bombay Bicycle Club

Photo(s) by © Toto Kuo - © 2008-2014

Suren: The show last night was really good. Everyone was obviously listening and paying attention.

Very quiet though, no?

Suren: Quiet when we wanted them to be.

Jamie: Everyone's very polite! You know no one is going to throw a bottle of beer at you, which is nice.

Suren: There's no fighting in the audience like there is sometimes back home.

You guys went out drinking last night. How does that feel that you were the only band out of the four-band lineup that did that. Did you feel obligated to represent?

Suren: Hahaa.. were we the only band?

Jamie: Apparently we were! And the bar was called Fucking Place! It was nice, it had a good vibe. I thought normally we'd be the band that isn't out partying, but …

Suren: We have our nights.

Jamie: Sometimes we can be naughty. Last night we got in the jacuzzi - together. When I say jacuzzi, I mean it was more like a bath with water jets.

Suren: We watched some women's wrestling because they had a TV in by the jacuzzi.

Jamie: Very rock 'n' roll!

That seems reasonably rock 'n' roll.

Jamie: Though, no actual women...

Suren: Unfortunately not.

You guys have been really successful playing a lot of big UK festivals, can you talk about some of your biggest and best shows?

Suren: We've done Glastonbury a few times.

Jamie: Last year was the third year in a row. Being a British band, playing festivals just seems like the normal thing to do. It doesn't feel like a big deal after a while. Like, whatever size you are, you can play a festival somewhere. Our big exposure in the UK was because we won a competition on TV to play at V Festival… and we were just 16 at the time. That was sort of mind-blowing, being backstage and meeting Fatboy Slim… he wasn't very friendly, but… we treated it like it might never happen again.

Suren: I think we pissed a lot of people off that day, or I did.

Jamie: I think the Reading and Leeds Festivals have always held a special place, in my heart anyway, because they were the first festivals I went to as a fan, and I think the crowds there are always amazing… and everyone's drunk.

… and before we could slip in another question their crew had dragged them out the door and off to the airport. See you soon guys!

Toto Kuo is a prolific photographer and film-maker. You can find her work on and I Am Indie.

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