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Keyboard player Heather Shannon took time out from the busy road schedule to answer a few questions about the upcoming show at The Wall.

The Jezabels

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GigGuide: Taipei last got to see The Jezebels in January. What were your impressions from that show and your first visit to Taipei?

We really had a great time in Taipei. I had no idea what to expect, but found a really cool city with a great arts scene and amazing food. It is definitely one of the more interesting cities I have been to. I felt there were the beginnings of a bubbling underground indie scene there too which was exciting. The show was great and the audience seemed really receptive to our music.

How has the touring been going since then? Who have you been playing with? Any memorable shows (the NME Awards in particular)? Any tour catastrophe's averted?

Yes we have been on the road for about 6 months now. Pretty much all the shows have been great. One that stands out for me was at the Button Factory in Dublin. I love the Irish and I love Dublin. Being Australian, I feel an affinity with the culture and the music there.

No catastrophes, just lack of sleep and eating bad food…

I just reached the documentary Autoluminescent recently, which had a big segment about how Nick Cave and the Birthday Party tried to establish themselves in London - the whole band living together in a tiny apartment, getting entangled in scene politics and so on. Since The Jezebels are also in a sense trying to "break out of Australia". Have you gone through any similar experiences?

I have not seen that documentary, but yes, it is a struggle at first. Australia is a bit of an isolated place when it comes to music, so you are never really sure if your stuff is going to translate overseas. I think certain music industries around the world can be a bit sceptical when it comes to Australian music too, as it can be seen as quite insular. I don't think our music is specific to Australia as such, but its roots are definitely from there. Our influences include a lot of international artists.

We haven't spent much time in one city yet, maybe when we settle down to record our second album, we may get more involved in a city somewhere else.

While touring, have fans / radio / music media reacted to specific songs? has there been anything unanticipated, or different from how things played out in Australia?

Yes, very different. But mostly because of a reaction to how the business is run differently overseas. we had to stagger the release of our album throughout the world which was a bit frustrating at first, and we also never released our EPs overseas. They are on the net if people want to explore our earlier music. When we started in Australia, we had all the time in the world to tour and build. Now that we are trying all these different territories, it is hard to spread yourself out.

The Jezabels play at The Wall in Taipei on 2012/06/17 - More Info.

Dave is a Taipei-based writer and translator. He also puts on the yearly Urban Nomad Film Fest.

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