This is a new feature we're gonna try here on The Scene Report. Kinda like a blog, we just want a way to communicate with you a little quicker. We'll mention some news & highlights or throw out some thoughts. And as always, we welcome your input. If you want to add your insights to, send us a letter here or through Facebook. It's not's scene, It's our scene, together.

First up, the response to our editorial on Underworld has been overwhelmingly positive. Over 4,500 visits in the first 24 hours! Keep spreading the word!

That statement will be reprinted in an upcoming edition of Wee Magazine, along with other articles on the closing of Underworld and the demise of Shida Road.

Also of note: a new blog is up and running, to counter the complete bullshit of those uptight fuckers of the "neighborhood." Check out:

Why is this important? The other people of Shida are now expressing themselves, and this time it is based on facts, not rumors or lies. It is also open to readers' comments, unlike what our enemies are publishing.

Some conscientious citizens have been digging up dirt on the evil ways of the Neighbors and their political cohorts. Big cheers to them. They've found damning documents like this.

But they can't and shouldn't be doing this alone. We all need to pressure the bigger media powers of Taiwan into investigating and reporting on this scandal. We must demand accountability and justice from our lawmakers. We fight together!

And now getting around to some music, big congrats to Random on their fine work of late! Winners of best band at this year's HoHaiYan festival (visit photographer Ian Kuo's site for his pics and impressions: ). In addition to winning awards, Random has also been producing a some fine new recordings. I've now acquired two EPs of their powerful rock sound, 夢中世界EP and 心內的歌. Go get yours!

Other releases worth mentioning are recent albums by Forests and Roxymoron. aims to publish more detailed reviews soon, but trust us when we tell you they kick ass.
We've yet to get the new CDs by Touming Magazine and Come On, Baby but we're excited to hear 'em!

And despite our collective loss of Underworld, new venues are nonetheless emerging: Shelter and Roxy Mini also host bands. Check our gig listings for more details.

A big welcome back to Skip Skip Ben Ben! She played a return gig at APA Lounge 808 in XiMenDing on Friday, along with loud, sweaty performances by Vampire Watching Television, Fever Trend, Wayne Is So Sad, and Random. My favorite moment (besides that awesome vintage dress she wore): Her killer rendition of Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walkin'.

Finally, some words of wisdom by our fellow writer, Alex Lee:

There are people who take.
There are people who give.

The takers will keep on taking. Until there is nothing left. Then they die.
The givers will keep on giving. They are the artists that will always create something new. They will never die.

Takers are scared of losing what they have taken. For they know it is not theirs to begin with. They will fight to take more and more. They are a cancer that will eventually kill themselves.

The things they have taken are valuable because givers created it. But these things are just worthless material possessions. The value is in the spirit of giving.

Givers, do not let the taking get you down. Keep on giving. Keep on creating. That is what givers are meant to do.

Music is not dead in Taipei. Music is not dead in Taichung. Music is not dead in Taiwan. It lives in each of us.

Let's stay loud & proud!

Floaty is an artist, musician, DJ, and writer. He claims music has saved his soul a bazillion times over. He's pretty bad at math, but in this case, it sounds about right.

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