Keane, Sleep Party People, Spiritualized
Concert Announcements

Biggest news (since I last posted 3 days ago) would have to be the announcement that English alt-rock band Keane are coming. Also, rumours that Sleep Party People and Spiritualized would be playing in Taiwan were confirmed this week, the former playing shows in both Taipei (Legacy) and Kaohsiung (The Wall Pier2), while Spiritualized is playing in Taipei's swanky Neo Studio.

New Venues in Taipei

While we're still not happy about Underworld being forced to closed down, it's nice to see a few more music venues opening up.
Shelter which opened a few weeks back, in a side-alley basement not far from Underworld. I haven't been there yet but I hear that it's a quiet place (no booze!?) and shows finished before 11pm. Despite that they've had a few crazy neighbour issues. Let's hope they can keep the 阿媽 in check.
Roxy Mini is back (or perhaps it's just been quiet this last year) and now they've recently started booking lots of shows there, many of which are free entry!
Samurai Livehouse up in Danshui (technically New Taipei City) is another venue that's new to me, but they have already quite a number of metal shows booked for the next few weeks.

Sorry for today's very Taipei-centric post. If you have music news from the rest of the country, send me an email and let me know -

Cheers, Steve!

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