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The Soft Moon

▲ Luis Vasquez of The Soft Moon
Photo(s) by Emily Cheng - © 2008-2014

Can you tell us what you/The Soft Moon have been doing lately?
I've been doing a lot of touring. It's been nonstop for almost a year with just a few little breaks here and there. In a few days we'll be back on tour for another month. I'm looking forward to taking September off to start the writing process again. Just need to figure out where i want to reside during that time. I'm definitely anxious to write music again. Feels like forever.

You wrote and recorded album on your own. What is your usual way of making music, and why do you want to do it all by yourself?
I created The Soft Moon as a means of therapy for myself. It helps me discover things and reveals reasons why i feel certain ways, or why i am who i am. It's a very personal project and necessary for me to survive and stay sane. I've always felt curious about being a human being, so in a way The Soft Moon is also kind of like a documentary about my biology. When writing music i like to be in complete solitude because it helps me go deep. From there i start experimenting with sounds using various instruments until i feel something that connects to whatever emotion i'm feeling at that moment. I always let my subconscious make all the decisions.

How hard is it to put your solo project into a band? Do you listen to your bandmates opinions?
It's not necessarily hard to translate my music into a live band context but it can get exhausting. There's so many components to take in mind. Sometimes it can be a long grueling process but it always feels good to see the song take on a new life. I'm very open minded when it comes to working with bandmates. I encourage them to contribute ideas and express there style.

If you could write a song with anyone, who would you like to work with the most?
I love to write music with people i have a strong connection with. This person doesn't necessarily even have to be a musician. Sound is my favorite form of communication. Without using words It can go very deep and it's universal.

What does The Soft Moon mean?
I've never really known what The Soft Moon meant when i first came up with the name. I just remember it hitting me and it sounded cool. I sometimes contemplate if it ties back to my childhood environment living in the desert. The galaxy was so vivid at night so in a way i feel like i shared a closer connection with space because i lived in a high altitude with no light pollution in the middle of nowhere. Another reason why the name felt right was because after searching "The Soft Moon" on the internet i discovered a great short story by a Cuban writer entitled The Soft Moon. It was a story/theory about all our continents being formed by fragments of the moon that fell to earth.

Do the visuals in your show mean anything?
Most of the visuals are very abstract and/or geometrical. I'm sure they tie into my music somehow but i'm still trying to figure out what everything means and why i'm doing it.

You have done a lot of touring. What are the best and worst things about life on the road?
If you have a loved one back home the worst part about touring is being away for long periods of time. Back when i was in a serious relationship i would get homesick and desperately wanted tour to be over so i could be back with her. Plus my life was more domesticated back then and i wasn't used to life in a van. Nowadays i'm very happy when I'm on tour. I've sort of embraced it completely. The Soft Moon is all i have and i'm committed to it. Life on the road isn't so bad anymore.

It will be your first time in Asia. What do you know about Taiwan and what do you want to do when you have free time there?
I want to eat amazing food! One of my favorite things about traveling to different places is tasting different food. I'm just excited in general to be playing in Taiwan. In fact it's the highlight of this tour. I don't know much about Taiwan but i'm sure that will change soon.

What's your plan in the near future?
Writing my next record!

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